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It’s the summer of 1963 and you have an eye on Becky Sue. Too bad she’s in love with the king, the best racer in town. But if you defeat him, you know you’ll win her heart.
What say you put your time and your bucks to good use this summer. You’re a good grease-monkey and a better driver. Buy an old crate, soup it up, and cruise down to Bob’s Drive-In. There’s always some action there. Some real action: racing.
You know you can beat half of those twerps already. And if you can raise some quick cash and buy a better rod, you can beat the rest.
You know with the right car you can beat the king. Then you’ll have some cash and Becky Sue!

This is how the famous video game from 1989 begins. Now we offer you the same experience, off-line and together with friends: Street Rod – the card game.

The game is played over several rounds. In each round you buy car parts in the garage to customize your rod and, if you like, you race an opponent or one of the other players. If you’re good, you win some bucks. If you’re better you can win the other guy’s rod. If you’re the best, you can beat the king. Then you’ve won the game.

The game is ready. Currently we are building the Kickstarter-page and waiting for the reviews to come in. We plan to launch in may. Fill in you email below and get notified when we launch.

Video game
Street Rod – the card game is based on the popular video game from 1989, so this game is published in cooperation with our friends at streetrodonline.com. Over there you’ll find all the news about the video game. The card game has some nice added features: now you can play Street Rod with your friends (and beat them 🙂 )!

Game design: Jan Willem van Dijk
Graphic design: Sebastián Koziner and Evie van Maanen
In joint venture with Marco from streetrodonline.com