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The crowdfunding campaign funded, the game will be made! If you want to order the game, please do so at our shop.

A dream comes true: your own campground in the French highlands. And all goes well! A small plot of land, a reception and a website is all you need to receive some income in the next season. Satisfied you take a rest – but not for long, as your guests already leave for greener pastures! They like your competitor’s campground more: the ‘Clash d’Ardèche’ has begun.
Buy the best sites, outsmart your competitors, bribe the mayor and create the campground of your dreams!

Clash d’Ardèche is a strategic eurogame for 2-4 players. In approx. one hour you start from scratch and end with a thriving campground. Invest your money clever: buy the best facilities, use the most effective media channels and bribe the mayor at the right time to expand and flourish.
The bluffing element in the game is the time when you set the price you charge your guests. What price is set by your opponents? And how will their guests react to your price?

How to get one copy
Clash d’Ardèche is already tested and enjoyed by tens of players. Joining them will give you and your friends hours of gaming-fun together!

The campaign is now live, see the link above. The game comes with French, Dutch and English rules and cards.

Creditsgameboard low res.jpg
Game design: Jan Willem van Dijk
Illustrations: Shaz Yong
Graphic design: Sebastián Koziner
French translation: Vincent Robette